Drake Moragan

The only limit to his ambition and ruthlessness is a sense of honor.


Lawful Evil
Cavalier (Inspiring Commander; Order of the Cockatrice)

Ability Scores
Str 17
Dex 13
Con 12
Int 13
Wis 12
Cha 13

Iron Will
Precise Strike
Heavy Armor Proficiency

Skill Ranks
Swim 1
Heal 1
Intimidate 4
Bluff 4
Diplomacy 4
Knowledge (Local) 1
Knowledge (Planes) 2
Knowledge (Nobility) 2
Sense Motive 1
Appraise 4
Ride 1

Common, Dwarven


No pond has ever felt quite big enough for Drake, particularly his hometown of Fenshire, Rinfell. He has ever been working to become a self-made man of importance, like the lords who started the great noble houses through blood and shrewdness. Not more than a few months after joining the militia to learn to fight, he soon realized that even if he made captain he would still be a nobody. Signing on with a mercenary company with the intent of owning it one day, he realized the owner was always going to pass it to his worthless son or nephew. Now, he plies his trade as an adventurer and scoundrel alongside Omin Bromm, tempering Omin’s zeal with savvy and business sense.

As a youth, Drake witnessed Hellknights apprehend a band of criminals hiding in Fenshire. They were publicly executed for their crimes “as an example” to the townsfolk. An impressionable Drake was forever enamored with the power and severity of the grim knights. He recently shared with his companions that ever since then he has wanted to join the Hellknights. Not content to be just any recruit, however, a long-standing ulterior motive of his adventuring career has apparently been to build a convincing resume.

Drake Moragan

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