The World of Pandeias

The path we travel

I awoke in some gods-forsaken tower surrounded by the corpses of troglodyte filth and their savage pets. All that I have worked for up until now is gone. My party…. my friends. Dead and scattered to the winds, no doubt.

But I awoke to a new band of “adventurers.” These with seemingly more strength of spirit than my previous band. But why have I survived? What of my life has warranted its continuance? Is it simply that my goddesses smile upon me? Or perhaps I am meant for more than to simply experience the world. Maybe my purpose is to be experienced by the world.

Either way, I have dedicated myself to this new group. Making myself useful however seen fit. For the time being, I shall continue to perfect my art; honing my body and mind against worthy foes. Perhaps I shall see new temples with techniques that will further my goals.

I can only keep walking.



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